AFM Spinning Division

Established in 2008, the spinning mill produces about 150,000 pounds of high quality yarn per day. This yarn is then used for the production of the full package premium denim fabrics. The spinning plant is a capital-intensive unit and is equipped with the latest German, Swiss and Italian machinery.

This unit is geared to produce all types of carded and combed yarns, such as ring spun slub yarn, open end, air covered yarn, doubled yarn, core spun Lycra, spun polyester, dual core, and injection slubs. A variety of fibers including Cotton, Tencel, Modal, Polyester, Viscose, and now Post consumer waste (recycled fibers) are all run with proper segregation in one facility.

The Spinning Mill also has a state of the art laboratory, which ensures that high production standards are maintained with the help of an online system, UT-4, slub analyzer and strength analyzer machines amongst others. It is possible to perform a wide variety of physical testing on fibers, yarns, and fabrics at the lab. Fabrics can be broken down into fiber form, singled out and analyzed for size, construction, shrinkage, breaking strength and other attributes. In addition, the lab analyzes fabrics and determines weave patterns and yarns used in the construction of the fabric. Innovations in the R&D department ensure that our yarn is continuously being improved and enhanced.